Las Vegas Food 4 Less Elderly Crash

Las Vegas Food 4 Less Elderly Crash

By Ebony Waller – March 2, 2014

Las Vegas will continue reconstruction of a local Food 4 Less, after an 88-year-old woman crashed her pick-up truck through the entry way.  The woman drove through the store some 80 yards before stopping in the frozen food section.  A total of 26 individuals sustained injuries related to the crash.  17 people were treated on the scene and 9 others were taken to the hospital.  No fatalities have been reported at this time, but one person is listed in critical condition.

The Food 4 Less is located at the corner of Sahara and Eastern.  Witness accounts place the 88-year-old clipping a car in the parking lot before careening into the building.  It is unclear if the driver was negligent or if there was a malfunction with the vehicle.  The driver was given a sobriety test and was not transported for medical care.  The question of the elderly’s ability to operate a vehicle will dominate this situation.

Vegas is a well-known relaxation haven for the elderly to relocate.  The year around warm weather and occasional gambling make for a peaceful retirement.  How do cities that have these high amounts of retirees measure up on driving records?  With the gift of father time comes some other unwanted gifts.  The continuing decline of hearing and sight are two key factors essential for driving.  The Las Vegas elderly woman crashing into food 4 less will signify several assumptions.  It is the immediate assumption that this elderly woman has either surpassed her driving age or is under massive amounts of medication.  The shocking information to report would be that her senses were fine and she was not under the influence of anything.

Las Vegas in one city that has not had the harsh DUI penalties until recent years.  There have been points in time when the legal limit for blood alcohol content was .10.  The free-flowing liquor accompanied with poor judgement has led to many changes.  There are many younger offenders that violate driving under the influence laws.  When dealing with the elderly how many are able to slither out of cases because of age? Just as many elderly individuals frequent casinos as their younger counter parts.  Inside such establishments alcoholic beverages are served in abundance.  Once these individuals vacate the establishments who is more likely to have law enforcement intervene?  The elderly do not seem to set off as many alarms cruising city streets alone.  This misleading conduct is overlooked when measured against younger individuals.  The mere fact that a younger person has more than one person in a vehicle creates a target.  The younger person is presumed to be distracted and have less experience behind the wheel.  Compounded with the fact that multiple young people in a car presumably screams mischief.

The effort to combat youthful Driving Under the Influence offenders may be green lighting older offenders to run a muck.  Elderly drivers have not enlisted bait and switch tactics, but they are definitely reaping the benefits.  An individual driving under the influence slowly is just as dangerous as an influenced driver speeding.  Although, a speeding car will catch the eye more quickly than slower moving vehicles.  The Food 4 Less crash will most likely forecast stricter driving laws for the elderly in Las Vegas.

Source: Liberty Voice

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