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    NHTSA Announces New 5-Year Traffic Safety Plan and Guidelines for Older Drivers and Passengers.

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Do you know how to safely parallel park?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you parallel park you don't get in the parking space correctly? Read the following parallel parking instructions to make parking a little easier for you!

1) Turn on your right turn signal so others behind you know that you are going to take an empty parking space;
2) Pull your car parallel to the car that you want to park in back of. You want to align the front and back your vehicle as closely to the parked car as you can leaving about 1 foot from you and that vehicle. The doors of your vehicle and their vehicle should be aligned as closely as possible;
3) Once your vehicles are aligned, begin backing up slowly. Keep backing up until your car is about 1/2 the way down the body of the car that you are parking behind;
4) Start backing up - slowly - until the very tip of your car is now 1/2 way down the body of the car that was side by side with you (about at the crack between the back and front doors);
5) Immediately turn the steering wheel completely toward the curb;
6) Continue backing slowly;
7) When you get about 1/2 way in, cut the wheel completely in the opposite direction (away from the curb) while backing up very slowly; and,
8) You'll now want to adjust your position by repeating the turning of the steering wheel to the right or to the left until you are in the parking space.

When you are unsuccessful getting into the parking space, don't panic...just try it again! But remember, the safest parking is that that is not near other vehicles.

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