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In Loving Memory…

Nathan Krasnopoler (September 6, 1990 – August 10, 2011)
Nathan Krasnopoler, a student at Johns Hopkins University, passed away from a fatal car accident caused by an elder driver.
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Katherine Patricia Bolka (April 21, 1989 – June 4, 2006)
Katie Bolka, a student at Ursuline Academy of Dallas, passed away from a car accident caused by a 90-year-old driver.

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Faith Dremmer (April 23, 1992 – March 24, 2010)
Faith Dremmer as described by her mother, Michele Dremmer.
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Have A Story?

We would like to include your story. Was someone you loved injured in a crash involving an older driver? Please consider sharing what happened to you, your family members or your parents. Email us at info@afods.org