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Driver License Renewal Policies and Fatal Crash Involvement Rates of Older Drivers

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Key Findings
• Requiring license renewal to be conducted in person was associated with a 9% reduction in fatal crash involvement rates for drivers 55+ and a 25% reduction for drivers ages 85+.
• Enacting or repealing a requirement for mandatory vision testing at license renewal was not associated with any significant change in fatal crash involvement rates for older drivers.
• Drivers ages 85+ had lower fatal crash involvement rates in states that required vision testing than in states that did not; however, given the lack of evidence of changes in safety following changes in vision testing requirements, these differences may be due to other factors besides the vision testing requirements.
• Increasing the frequency of license renewals, requiring drivers to pass a knowledge or on-road test, and mandating physician reporting of drivers were not associated with statistically significant reductions in fatal crash involvement rates.