Mom wants more eyes on older drivers after her son was killed

Mom Wants More Eyes On Older Drivers After Her Son Was Killed

February 26, 2014 – Cheryl Conner

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A mom could have marked this day by visiting the grave.  Instead, she is bringing life to how her son died.


It’s been three years since Nathan Krasnopoler was hit when an 83-year-old woman cut him off.  She was behind the wheel; he was on a bike near Johns Hopkins University. 


Nathan was trapped under her car, which caused him to fall into a coma and die of a severe brain injury six months later.  



His mom is talking to lawmakers in Annapolis about a bill to allow all medical practitioners, not just doctors, to make recommendations about a patient to the MVA.  


“I really do believe that she probably didn’t get any of the assessment or assistance that she could have used,” said Susan Cohen, Founder, Americans for Older Driver Safety.  


Cohen is helping others understand the risk factors for aging drivers through Americans for Older Driver Safety. 


Hearings on the senate and house bills will happen Friday and Tuesday.  



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