Credit auntjojo // Flickr Creative Commons
Credit auntjojo // Flickr Creative Commons

You may remember the headlines of four years ago:  the brilliant Johns Hopkins sophomore, a computer major who cared about health and sustainable agriculture, bicycling in a bike lane on West University Parkway when a car turned right in front him.  The bicyclist, Nathan Krasnopoler, was pinned under the car.  But the 83-year-old motorist, apparently disoriented, did not turn the car off, or call for help.  She sat on a nearby wall, until a passerby intervened.

The collision threw Nathan Krasnopoler, age 20, into a coma.  He died five months later, four years ago today.  To bring some good from the tragedy, his mother, Susan Cohen, an attorney, has immersed herself in the work of raising the safety of other older drivers.  This morning, on the anniversary of her son’s death, she’ll be teaching a class in older-driver safety.


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