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Researchers at #Saarland #University are studying how #older individuals react to complicated #language commands while driving. Specifically, they are looking to find how older individuals adapt to #information processing and #behavior changes from #moment to moment during respective driving situations. Their research should ultimately help finding how best to design voice #controls, especially when handling two tasks simultaneously, such as #driving and responding to #cognitive controls.

They studied 32 #seniors with an average #age of 72 and 32 #young #people with an average age of 23. The researchers worked with sentences that seemed familiar at first, but then took a surprising turn. The participants were given these sentences, as well as #simple statements, played through speakers. The study participants then had to signal with a #yes or #no response whether the sentence was linguistically #correct and made sense. At the same time, the #study participants had to drive along a street in a driving simulator. At this point, the study participants were shown two vertical, colored bars, one of which was controlled by the #computer. Their task was to control the second bar using the steering wheel, such that the distance between the two remained as small as possible.

What were the results?
The younger participants were able to handle both #simple and more #complex statements while driving. During these tests, older individuals directed their full attention to resolving the linguistic inconsistencies and neglected the control of the vehicle. In other words, older individuals stopped driving to handle the voice controls.

This #research shows that older individuals can have difficulty with driving and managing verbal and cognitive controls in their #cars. Please be aware of this before using these voice controls while driving.

The study by Katja Häuser, Vera Demberg and Jutta Kray can be found at this link:

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Storefront #crashes happen at least 16,000 times per #year according to #NHTSA estimates. Unfortunately, nobody knows the exact number of these crashes because they are not documented by the police. When you watch the videos of these crashes, what you typically see is a vehicle pulling into a parking space, then suddenly accelerating. #Videos always show what looks like the driver "flooring" the gas pedal. The sudden acceleration seems misplaced when attempting to park. Please see the #video link below.

There are multiple reasons why storefront crashes happen, but one primary reason is mistakes by drivers. These are often called "pedal misapplication" crashes. Unintended acceleration resulting from pedal misapplication is driver error wherein the #driver presses the accelerator when braking is intended.

Sudden acceleration might be more common in drivers who have a stature of less than 5'5". These #drivers may not have long enough legs to touch the floor and pedals adequately. Therefore, they more likely to press the #wrong pedal due to a lack of proper spatial or tactile reference.

When you have a shorter stature, installing pedal extensions is a very good #idea. Pedal extensions allow you to reach the pedals of your #vehicle without overextending your foot. You can adjust your pedal extensions so that you can rest your heel on the floor while driving to alleviate #fatigue. Additionally, pedal extensions are easy to install.


National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Gas Pedal PedalMates Little People, Big World Little People The Little Couple Storefront Safety Council

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Finding #humor in an event that AFODS is hoping to prevent...

Thankfully everyone at #TwistedScissors #Salon was ok after a 74 #year #old man crashed his #car into their #business in #Alamagordo #NM last Friday. It happened when the man mistook the gas pedal for the brake. The types of crashes are called "pedal misapplication #errors," and they happen more frequently than you might think. Most of these crashes happen when the driver is attempting to enter or exit a parking #space. Areas of businesses can be particularly at #risk near #handicapped parking spaces.

It is nearly impossible to figure out how many crashes like this are happening with older drivers in the #US. #Police usually do not cite the drivers as they happen on #private property. This means that there are no records of these events other than what happens in civil court. However, these crashes greatly affect both pedestrians and business owners. Many business owners do not have insurance to cover the damages and they can lose inventory after the #vehicle hits it.

All pedestrians should be aware when in businesses that don't have #safety barriers that these types of crashes can happen. Never take your safety for granted when you are in any business even if there is a wall between you and a parking lot. And never take for granted that any driver can see you when you walk around a car.

Storefront Safety Council

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