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It's been almost a century since a #TotalSolarEclipse swept across the entire US and most people want to see it. Unfortunately some people have to get to work or another destination during it. Communities have warned of terrible #traffic jams during the #eclipse. So what should you do if you happen to be driving?

1) Don't be tempted to look at the #sun. It's not worth it. Looking directly at a #solareclipse can cause #solar retinopathy, which is a chemical #burn on your retina. This can cause permanent blind spots in your eye.
2) Find a safe place to park if you want to stop and use your solar #glasses to see the eclipse.
3) The peak darkness phase will last between 2 and 3 minutes. During this time, turn on your headlights, reduce your speed and make sure you have adequate distance between you and other vehicles.
4) Do not drive with solar eclipse #glasses on. The #US #DOT has said that this would be like driving blind.
5) Do not pull over if you are on the highway. This is not safe as it is extremely dangerous to merge back into traffic after being stopped on the side of the road.
6) Be aware of potentially bad traffic in any location.
7) Be cautious of all pedestrians on the sides of the road.
7) Put your sun visor down to block the eclipse.

The best advice is to enjoy the eclipse from the safety of your home where you can watch it on TV. Even if you are driving safely on the roads during the eclipse, others might not be. AAA

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How many people would consider driving on a revoked license or throwing open alcohol containers out of your vehicle while driving? It's ill-advised, nonsensical and downright dangerous. These are actions that someone takes when they don't consider the lives of others. When someone makes very bad driving decisions, it's time to take away the keys to their car. If that doesn't work, the car needs to be taken away.

78 y.o. Richard Higgins of #Attleboro, #MA was driving #drunk last #Saturday in #South #Boston when he lost control of a gray #Ford #Explorer on Old Colony Avenue. After hitting several parked cars, he hit 12 y.o. Shalynn #Bobbitt on her bicycle. Higgins lost a wheel and fled the scene, police said, but officers caught up with and arrested him shortly after in the #Kosckiuzco #Rotary. According to the #police report, Higgins had pulled over to throw two empty alcohol containers into the woods. Shalynn is currently being treated for serious injuries at #Tufts #Medical Center.

This issue isn't about taking the keys away from all older people. It's about making good driving decisions each and every time you get into your car, and deciding to call #Uber or a friend if you are drunk instead of driving. The State of #Massachussets did their part in this case to take away the license of Mr. Higgins. The only other option they have at this point is to hold him without bail.

AFODS hopes #Shalynn has a speedy recovery. This didn't need to happen to her.

What do you think about this situation?

WBZ | CBS Boston CBS CBS News Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

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Americans for Older Driver Safety works daily to #educate and inform people to make better #driving decisions. One of our goals is to put #information and #research together and present it to you in easy to read #posts.

Click on any of our photos to find a subject that you may not have known about. Also, please let us know if you are concerned about any driving/research! Let us do the work!

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