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Walking behind parked #vehicles in a parking lot is an extremely #dangerous activity because many #drivers can't or don't turn around to see if there are #people behind their #vehicle. Many #older drivers and other drivers with ailments, such as #arthritis, can find it difficult to turn their necks to see out the back window while reversing. Though back up #cameras are a great new #technology that can assist older drivers and/or those with decreased flexibility see behind their vehicles, the back up cameras should not be solely relied upon. One piece of equipment can make it easier to see out the back of a vehicle are padded, swivel seat cushions. Beyond just making it easier to look out the back window, a swivel seat cushion can make it a lot easier to get out of your #vehicle.

AFODS does not support any one particular product or #business. Padded, swivel seats are readily available at most #drug stores and big-box stores and should be considered as an option to improve mobility in and getting out of vehicles. The following are a #list of #websites where you might be able to get a padded, swivel seat cushion for a reasonable price (~$25).

Looking for one? Just #Google "Padded swivel seat cushion." Target CVS Pharmacy Walgreens

#Walmart #Target #CVS #HomeDepot #info #nonprofit #notforprofit #elderly #rheumatoidarthritis #alzheimers #senior #medicine #mobility
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#AFODS experienced the #driver in the attached #picture first hand in #Olathe, #KS on #Saturday, #October 28th. Thankfully, the mattress did not fly off of the #minivan, but the driver was completely unaware that it was hanging on to their minivan very precariously. When advised of the situation with their mattress, the #driver chose to do nothing and kept driving on the #highway. This situation could have been deadly.

In the state of KS, there were 678 #crashes and 5 fatalities caused by problems with or loss of cargo between 2010 and 2014. It's not worth getting into a crash from someone else's unsecured cargo. If you see a driver, like in the picture, slow down so that you are far behind them. Your other option is to speed and pass them. Try to leave a lot of room should a mattress fall off the top of their vehicle.

If you need to haul #cargo, please #follow these tips for everyone's safety.
However, if you can your cargo delivered to you, that is the safest option. Here's how to securely tie objects to your vehicle:

1) If you have a roof rack, use it. The best roof racks are padded to protect strapped-down objects from sudden movements of the vehicle, such as swerving or hitting bumps on the #road. You can buy rack pads or make them out of pipe insulation foam and #DuctTape.
2) If you do not have a roof rack, use a blanket. Be aware that blankets can scrape your vehicle's paint, and putting objects directly on the roof can dent it. It's just better to use a roof rack.
3) Use ratchet straps by looping the straps through the doors. Remember to open the doors before you tie the straps because you will not be able to open the door once the straps are tight. This method will cause your vehicle to leak if it rains.
4) Make sure load movement is restricted by tying it down and making sure it doesn't move side to side, up and down, or forward and aft. Even a small amount of movement will be magnified at 70 mph. There should be no chance that the object will move.
5) You can use #ratchet straps or nylon straps. Use the nylon straps if possible. The aforementioned ratchet straps are #cheaper and easier to use but not as safe as nylon straps.
6) Only use rope or cord if you feel comfortable tying the necessary appropriate knots. A simple knot can easily come undone.
7) Cover all objects on your car with a tarp or a net.
8) Check your #tire pressure to ensure you won't have a blow out.
9) Check your work multiple times. If you suspect that your object is coming off your vehicle, please stop and fix it.

AAA ABC27 News Olathe, Kansas

#IrresponsibleDriving #BadDrivingHabits #Elderly #Aging #Ageing #Info #Crash #Accident #Information #followme #nonprofit #info
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#Halloween is consistently one of the top three days for #pedestrian injuries and #fatalities. You can be sure that the streets will be crawling witches, goblins and vampires! Many #people are going out to Halloween parties #tonight and #tomorrow. And, unfortunately, it's easy to have a #drink or two and wind up hitting a #child. Parents who are driving trick-or-treating kids around also need to be extra careful while driving! The #CDC has stated that #children are four times more likely to get hit by a #car on Halloween than any other #day of the #year.

Tips for motorists:
1) Keep your windshield clean.
2) Obey all traffic signs and regulations.
3) Designate a sober driver, if necessary.
4) Alert police if you see a blatantly drunk driver.
5) Slow down in residential areas. #Drive at least 5 mph under the speed limit; this should give you additional #time if a child runs out into or crosses the street.
6) Be especially careful between 4 and 8 p.m., when most severe vehicle/young pedestrian collisions happen.
7) Watch for children walking on roadways, medians and curbs. Dark #costumes will make children more difficult to see.
8) Enter and exit parking lots and driveways carefully.
9) Leave your headlights on all #day.
10) Continually check your periphery for children.
11) Don't pass stopped #vehicles. A #driver that is stopped might be dropping off children.
12) Don't drive while using your cell phone or any other electronic device. Turn your radio down and avoid all distractions so you can focus your attention on the road.
13) Always remember to use your blinkers, which will communicate your driving intentions to other drivers.
14) If you have to stop for a moment, be sure to turn on your hazard lights.

Halloween is also typically a day that #police conduct #sobriety field inspections and conduct routine patrols.
Remember to have fun on Halloween...but keep yourself and pedestrians safe. Please don't drive drunk.

AAA Progressive FOX 5 Atlanta FOX5 Las Vegas Fox 5 DC FOX 5 San Diego FOX59 News Halloween Safety Safe & Seen Halloween Driving

#AAA #Progressive #fox5 #senior #drunkdriver #drunk #safety #holiday
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